How to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

improve conversion rate

Email marketing stands as one of the best means for lead nurturing and marketing tactics.

It’s a powerful tool that can boost marketing efforts and yield winning results.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to get familiar with tips to boost your email conversion rate.

People often have their mailbox overflowing with emails they hardly open. Also, such people probably have a raft of reasons why they are ready to ignore your emails.

What you can do is go around that with the tops we provide. That way, you don’t just increase your open rate but also your conversion rate.

Check out the list and review the best tips that will help your email conversion rate.

1) Go Over Your Mailing Lists Again

It’s never enough to have several mailing lists to cater for. Chances are you’ve even forgotten the last time you segmented your mailing list.

Put an end to that blip by targeting the right people with your emails.

To do that effectively, you can re-evaluate or go over the mailing lists you’ve created.

You can use the information to be more specific about your target audience.

Also, you can use purchase history to re-evaluate your marketing ploys. Either way, you can keep up with the changes your customers make.

2) Direct and Understandable Titles

The total number of social media in 2019 was about 3.5 billion users worldwide.

To put that in perspective, in the same year, there were about 3.9 billion users email users. That number has only grown since then.

Be direct

Part of getting anyone to click on an email sent by you involves convincing them with a clear and direct title.

Make such titles and say to read with words that communicate to the readers.

For example, if you’re offering “10 percent off all cardigans,” say so. Done say “discounts for some winter wears.”

That will get you a weird look and a top spot in the junk mail.

3) Personalize Your Emails

Personalization remains one of the best ways to entice your subscribers to open your emails and subsequently convert.

The thing is, your subscribers know that there are others out there. Still, they want to feel the care and value you place on everyone else.

That’s why you must tailor your emails to fit each personality. Personalization shows your subscribers how valuable they are to your company.

The best way to personalize emails includes:

  • Add your subscriber’s names to messages. There’s nothing quite like seeing your name. It gives off an intimate touch.
  • Let the name be part of the subject line. It shows the message is directed right to them.

When you use a subscriber’s name, they are more likely to open the mail.

Doing that will increase your open rate by 41.8% when you add personalization. As such, when leads open your emails, you are closer to earning more conversions.

4) Do a lot of Segmentation

It’s okay to develop the best email in the business containing the best subject line and a great call-to-action.

However, you’ll still fall short if you are sending emails to the wrong people. That’s where segmentation comes in.

It’s critical for ensuring your emails go to the right people to increase your chances of conversions.

Whether you’re promoting or making a move to get the user to take some action, let it align with the list of contacts you send it to.

The fact is the more segmented a list is, the better for your business.

Get it right with key differentiators.

Let the differentiators you use for your segmentation base on the type of email you are sending.

Also, it should point towards the intended action you expect.

You can segment email users for your business based on the following differentiators:

  • The product you’re offering
  • Area of interest
  • The level of engagement
  • The buyer persona or ideal customer profile (ICP).

5) Use Suppression Lists

Using segmentation to choose a particular person you want to get your email is excellent.

However, suppression will help you exclude certain groups of people you don’t want to receive the mails.

As such, you can do this for negative buyer persona or ICP’s. Also, you can consider using certain sales stages and people who have low engagement.

Suppression also works for individuals who don’t fit the theme of the email for any reason.

Higher chance of engagement

Suppression lists work a treat for your business. Such lists ensure, only people receiving your emails are the ones who have a high chance of engaging with them.

Again, when you suppress those who don’t need your mails, your metrics and reports give a clear picture of your actual conversion rates.

6) Choose the Right Cadence

How many emails will you send? That’s an important question because the number will be dependent on the size of your database.

Also, that number will depend on your product or service and your overall marketing strategy.

Whether it’s once a week or every other day, make do with a cadence you have the capacity to follow.

Build a system

Having a routine is essential. That’s because it helps your audience get used to reading your emails on certain days.

Besides, a working cadence stops you from unknowingly bombarding your audience with email after email.

7) Align Content and Offer

Your email isn’t all about the body text. It entails other vital components like your call-to-action, preview text, and subject line.

The fact is all three of these components have an impact on the experience the recipient has with your email.

What you can do is ensure these text elements are aligned and tell the same story. That doesn’t mean you should be repetitive or overlap texts.

Don’t confuse readers

Your subject line must set the proper explanation for the body and the ending.

When you don’t align all the components, it is harder for readers to understand what you want from them.

8) Consider the Length of Your Business Emails

There’s indeed no perfect formula for the correct email length. But in general, your goal is to get your content read and digested, not ignored.

Sometimes this means keeping it short and sweet so that readers immediately see the value.

It’s also easy to take action after reading a piece that’s easy to comprehend.

Going too long can result in a ramble or complex text that’s too difficult to understand.

Users will delete such messages even without trying to read them.

Boost Your Email Conversion Rate

boost your email conversion rate

9) Always use a Consistent Brand Voice

Every brand has a personality and a brand voice. Yours shouldn’t be a dour or flat one.

To that end, the emails you send should be engaging and unique while still featuring your brand’s personality.

Whether you decide to stick to a corporate voice and tone or a more informal set up, get the mix right.

Remember, you’re dealing with humans that consider all your moves.

Your marketing ploys are an extension of your brand. As such, it pays to have consistent voice users can identify with.

That way, they can rely on you for any engagement.

10) Run A/B Tests

You don’t have to be perfect or her all the moves at once. It’s also okay if you haven’t yet established the best way to relate with your audience.

That’s where A/B tests come in. They represent a great way to find out important audience traits.

For example, some of your readers prefer buttons over in-text links or bullets over paragraphs.

The email templates can also be tested to know what works best for you.

The catch is to change one element at a time when testing so that you generate accurate results.

11) Automate

Automation is probably the most crucial tip in this article. Almost anything can be automated, and you should automate everything you can.

Thanks to the digital age, people can now cope with vast amounts of data.

That’s down to automation because even a group of people can’t possibly deal with billions of emails per day.

Helps you multitask

When you automate your emails, it doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t valuable. What you’re doing is reducing your workload.

When you automate emails, you have the opportunity to pay better attention to your actual clients.

Learn more about your audience

With automation, you also learn more about your customer behaviors. That’s more than you would be able to observe them by yourself.

When you understand your customers better, it’s easy to give them a better experience. A better experience means more open rates.

12) Send Reminder Emails

Your business and the products you market are excellent. Keep reminding your customers about it with reminder emails.

Such emails provide a great way to keep potential customers on track and turn them into actual customers.

You can send a reminder based on the following actions:

  • Abandoned carts
  • A possible sale they lingered on
  • An out of stock item they visited

You can use reminder emails to let them know how to complete orders, select the best products, and tell them when a product is back in stock.

13) Be Deliberate with Your Sender Address

Where your mail comes from is very important. Sure, you want people to open your email. But first, you have to make it to their inbox.

Also, you’d like to get around spam filters and increase your open rate. That’s why the sender’s address matters.

You can always send emails from a personal email address to avoid spam filters and have a bit of human-to-human connection.

Over time, users have shown that they are more likely to notice and engage with your emails when you send them from a person at your company.

14) Optimize Emails for Mobile

Many people check emails on the go using their mobile devices. Further, about 66% of emails are read on smartphones or tablets.

To that end, you must optimize your emails to provide these mobile users with a great experience.

Be easy

None of your audience should struggle to read your emails. That’s why for mobile, create a basic and responsive design for your emails.

That way, everyone can read them easily.

According to Google’s statistics, 75% of Gmail users use their mobile devices to access their accounts.

That was made more accessible by mobile-friendly emails and leads for conversion.

15) Send Valuable Content

Getting your sender’s address correct and using creative subject lines to get leads to open your emails are all good.

However, with the wrong content inside, it won’t mean anything. Why? The content of your email can be the most valuable piece or the most boring one.

People need to like what they see inside. Part of that is having content that’s easy to understand.

That’s why your writing should have a concise and understanding tone.

Tips to get it right

  • Make sure your emails can be skimmed through
  • Break your texts into smaller, readable sections using bullet lists.
  • Use numbers where possible. People respond well to numbers.
  • Avoid word fillers. Filling your email with words makes it a candidate for the junk box.
  • Include a picture, moving graphic, or video. That helps you catch and retain your audience’s attention.

These tips will help you maintain an exciting streak for your emails.

16) Insert a call to action (CTA)

It’s time to include a call to action. What do you want your recipients to do with all that precise and concise information you’ve provided?

One big mistake many brands make is neglecting to include a call to action (CTA).

You need one, especially when subscribers like what they see and want to take the next step.

A CTA provides guidance.

With a CTA, you give your audience the next step. It’s a guide on how your audience can proceed and land that conversion you need.

It’s great to know that you can create any CTA.

What it does is encourage your audience to purchase, download, or check something out. Make sure the steps you provide in your CTA are logical and easy to follow.


There you go! There’re few better ways to show that you care for your customers than by giving them what they want.

Do your best to follow these tips and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

The tips here will help you gain a boost in conversion rates.