How To Market your Event Planning Business


An event planning business is a venture that every event planner should know how to market and reach their potential clientele.

There are many important details and aspects to successfully running an event planning business.

As such, it is important to get things right especially concerning what you do and how to keep the business continually attracting more customers.

With meetings and events accounting for about $325 billion of direct spending, you need to get ready with proven steps to get the best audience and reach.

Check out measures on how to market your event planning business.

1) Plan Your Budget

You painstakingly plan your budget. That way, you get to stick to it without creating unnecessary expenses.

Budgets also help you keep a tight leash on your financial capabilities.

In line with that, set out your financial priorities right before you start drawing up plans to market your event planning business.

A budget simply keeps you honest about your current financial state.

2) Networking

Networking is simply at the top of the list in terms of developing a strong client base. Using it effectively can help your business in more ways than one.

People who meet you would want to learn about the services you offer. When they do, they may also wish to refer the business to others after they’ve patronized you.

It’s important to broaden your reach with networking. As such, make partners with niches within and outside your event planning business.

For example, hotels, caterers, and restaurants are good to network with.

3) Advertising

Advertising in any form is a great way to market your event planning business.

You could make use of print advertising which covers a wide area including free and inexpensive yellow pages ads.

Another option is doing a natural publication, but that often takes a lot of money.

Yellow Pages

Many event planners take advantage of Yellow Pages because it gives them a chance to get their business more out there without costing a lot of money.

All you have to do is list a business name, which is often free of charge or use a display ad. The latter will take some fee, though.

Going Local

Another good option is to settle for advertising in your local newspaper or magazine. This step will come in handy when you organize corporate and social occasions.

The market area for such events targets a specific location. As such, it makes sense to advertise in such locations.

That is because such ads will most likely reach upscale local consumers.

5) Provide Excellent Service to Gain Recommendations

Customers are very likely to recommend you to other people. when you do a great job. On the flip side, if you do a shoddy job, expect that reputation to spread, too.

That is why you need to ensure your clients can become ambassadors of your business.

Ask satisfied clients to give you feedback on executed events.

The fact is about 59%, feedback survey is the most favored method for measuring the success of a live event experience.

Measured Feedback

Further, 55% of event professionals register feedback from clients or management as their second most preferred means for measuring their achievements.

5) SEO Content Marketing

This is one of the most effective ways event planners drive visitors to their site.

SEO and content marketing on event blogs and other web platforms will spur you on to new heights.

Using it to Promote your Event Business

Tools like Google AdWords and Bing Advertising will help you launch, run, and analyze your campaigns.

One key criterion often overlooked is the option to optimize your website. To do that, use blog title tags alongside copy keywords.

Get working on building mentions and backlinks to your website.

It Works

You can ask your networking partners for online recommendations, links, and reviews.

What this does is help you with your organic search engine rankings by bringing your event business to the top of the search rankings.

6) Trade Shows

Trade shows provide excellent exhibition opportunities.

For example, an industrial fair will let you showcase yourself, event planning business, and network with relevant people.

As an event planner, you get to attend trade and other shows and interact with prospective clients or partners.

Partner up

Planners do not have to go at it alone. As such, you can partner up with other vendors to jointly promote your businesses. It will save you time, stress, and costs.

7) Informative Brochures

A well-designed, professional brochure can help solidify your image and reputation as a professional event planner.

Many prospective clients only need to go through your brochure to make judgments about your company. As such, ensure it’s of the very best level.

The brochure must contain all the information listed on your tri-fold business card and allow you to expand upon this information.

You can do that by adding photographs. Use photos of yourself and successful events you’ve designed and organized.

8) Business Card

A business card seems small at first. However, it is still a great marketing tool.

Sure, this is advanced age, but the fact remains that a nicely done printed business card will go a long way for an event planner.

It’s a small brochure of what your business stands for as well as your personality.

Small and Effective

It’s a small card to carry around but it is effective enough. Just have it handy in your wallet or purse and always ready to share.

An ideal business card should contain the following:

  • Your name
  • Specialization
  • Business logo

You could also include testimonials from past clients. The most important thing that your card is always set to grace the palms of a prospective client.

9) Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your contacts informed about new services and products that you provide as an event planner.

With the growth of your business, you most certainly have to keep sharing emails.

Ask your clients to provide emails with which you can use to share updates about your services.

Proven stuff

73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses through email.

As such, marketers with up to 35% of marketers sending their customers 3-5 emails per week.

10) Social Media is Important

Social media is a great avenue to market your event planning business. Tools you can use for that purpose include the following:

  • This platform was built to help people communicate with a network of friends and followers. With a Facebook page for your event planning business, it’s likely to promote your business when you post ads, images, and videos about it. You can alps borrow ideas from the Facebook pages of other successful event planners.
  • This is another platform that lets you tweet quick messages to your subscribers about your business.

11) Referrals

This is a great idea to incorporate into your daily business practice. What you can do is request referrals from friends and former clients.

Asking for referrals is one of the first things an event planner learns in a sales class. They work a treat and give off leads.

What’s more, people are more open to doing business with someone that a friend/family member has had previous dealings with.

That Extra bit

What referrals do is provide that bonus if the person being referred has attended the event of your former client or something related.

That means you now have the attention of someone who has experienced your service.

12) Telephone, use Texts

On average, humans spend a lot of time saying a lot of things. Many of those words turn out to be meaningless.

As an event planner, it would make more sense to tell people about the services you offer.

Advertising yourself is allowed, and you can do that through various means including via texts and calls.

Send that Fabulous Image

Send a group text of a gorgeous picture from your latest event. Many people in your circle will love to take a peek and possibly share it.

They will be proud to show off your pictures to their friends and acquaintances. That leads to more clients and events.

13) Volunteer Your Services

Ever been a volunteer? Let’s get you started in a family/class reunion or wedding in exchange for brand recognition.

While there, ask the host, d.j., or master of ceremony to mention the name of your event planning business several times throughout the event.

Proceed to share your business cards or brochures with an interested guest.

Aim for Relevance

Before volunteering your services, learn in advance the worth of service that you will offer.

What you want to do is offer only what you can afford to offer.

Don’t go offering services that will cost you a lot. A plan for this purpose will come in handy.


Having effective ideas and tips on how to market your event planning business will see you gain more success over time.

You can choose to go with a number of them. The point is to have something your friends, clients, and even your competitors will marvel at.

That’s only possible when you adopt the ways explained above.